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WK.Ecology officially launched trading


Recently, WK has landed heavily on the world-famous exchange TokenEco. TokenEco opened WK recharge business at 14:00 on May 21st, Beijing time, and opened WK / USDT trading pair at 9:17 May 22nd, and simultaneously opened the withdrawal service. The launch of TokenEco will accelerate the enrichment of WK's ecological structure, and it will also make WK's influence further expand and prepare for a larger stage. The two parties will work together to give play to their respective ecological advantages and promote the rapid development of the global digital asset securitization market in a healthier direction!

At present, in the blockchain digital asset trading ecosystem, the status of digital currency exchanges can be described as chaos. According to data statistics, dozens of hacker attacks on exchanges occur every year, causing serious panic in the market and causing huge losses to project parties and exchanges, so security is the primary focus of WK's choice to list exchanges. It is reported that TokenEco is registered and established in the British Virgin Islands. The platform was officially launched in November 2018. It is the world's first token ecological digital asset trading platform. It has memory matching, three-layer wallets, DDOS defense, asset backtracking, risk warning, and intelligence. Under the five-level security mechanism such as monitoring, it has operated safely, smoothly and smoothly for nearly two years, and has won the trust of users and project parties in the industry.

In addition, WK, as the world's leading blockchain digital securitization basic platform, aims to subvert the traditional centralized joint-stock company system. Based on the WK platform, any organization, foundation, and user can conduct Security Token Offering, aiming to break the tradition High-quality digital assets will be listed in securitization in the most effective way. TokenEco is also the world's leading digital currency exchange, with over 250,000 registered users and nearly 100,000 recharged users. The daily trading volume is about 4 billion RMB, which supports nearly 40 high-quality currencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, TRX, TT, and more than 60 active trading currency pairs have been launched. The strategic cooperation between WK and TokenEco is an important step in the completion of WK's ecological architecture, and also marks WK's determination to accelerate the layout of the ecological architecture. In the follow-up, the two parties will use their respective users as the basic traffic and rely on the platform attributes of both parties to exert their respective ecological advantages, bridge the value resources of both parties, and realize the rapid development of the ecological scene construction of both parties!

WK and TokenEco are both important and very potential forces in the digital currency financial market. WK represents an application with a digital asset securitization scenario, and TokenEco represents a leading-edge exchange with leading technology. It will surely inject fresh blood into the future blockchain field, lead the industry to continue to move forward, contribute to the further popularization of the blockchain and industrial transformation, make transactions safer, make investment simple, and make users more at ease!

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